Hear from some of our clients as to the difference experienced at our wellness spa and customer service.

Stacy-Ann Smith

5 months ago I was in a car accident. The car skidded off the highway and into a ditch. Immediately, I had a severe neck pain and was eventually diagnosed with whiplash. I began developing severe lower back pain as well. Physiotherapy and pain medication helped my pains to subside but two weeks after being discharged from physiotherapy, the intense neck and back pain returned. I went back to physiotherapy. I had developed significant knots in my back and swelling in my lower back. A friend of mine recommended THPG Wellness spa. Being so overwhelmed with pain I was open to trying anything and having prayed to the Lord for wisdom and guidance on treatment. I decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did! after the first treatment my pain has significantly subsided and I did not have to take any pain medicine. I was prescribed twice a day and was going up to three times a day, at least to be able to function. After one treatment at the THPG Wellness spa, I took no pain medicine. After two treatments I felt significant differences. The third treatment, I was being guided on some exercises and stretches. I have been doing much better. I am so glad that I experienced the wellness packages given out by THPG Wellness spa and I would recommend them to anyone. If you are experiencing severe pains in your body. The electro-therapy treatment reduced the inflammation and pain. They also have treatments to help, realign your body. You get guided experiences an.d they explain to you what is happening. So you don’t feel confused. They are knowledgeable and kind and they’re also open to questions. I would recommend any of their Wellness packages and I suggest you get one as soon as you can. If you are experiencing severe pain..

Danelle Pinnock

I have been receiving treatment from The Health Profit Group for about 4 weeks now. I was diagnosed with lupus in 2012 and over the past 8 years I have been hospitalized several times for various reasons and dealt with a lot of issues due to my health. And in going to The Health Profit Group to utilize the machines I wasn’t sure what to expect. After having long discussions, I felt like it was something positive and so I decided to try it. Just being in the space it’s a very calming environment and I really appreciate the fact that the focus is not solely on what we can do physically with the machines but it’s a very holistic approach. So, we spoke a lot about my diet and exercises that I can do on my own whilst at home. A lot of time was spent talking about my purpose and the goals that I have in life and what it is I’m aspiring to. The things that I speak over myself: affirmations, declarations, reading of scripture, it really felt like I was being cared for in every aspect of my being and not just what we could see. And what we have seen has been great. I have noticed improvements in my skin. I have a lot of sores on my leg due to a secondary condition and there is noticeable difference in those. It has just been a very enriching experience overall and I’m very glad for the time that I have spent there. It’s been amazing.