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Patricia Fletcher, Nutritionist

Nutritionist, Corporate Wellness/Lifestyle Consultant

In-depth work environment assessments with recommendations will be done working together with an internal group or committee. Included are the programme design, implementation, evaluations with reports on key performance indicators or factors to be tracked. Our aim is to reduce health insurance usage and costs thereby resulting in savings and better returns on their investment for the programme.

Mrs. Patricia Figaro-Fletcher is the owner and Manager of The Healthy Lifestyle Clinic/ The Health Profit Group since 2000. She has her Masters in Nutrition with certification in several areas including Population Health Management Systems for Wellness Programme Development and The Art and Science of Reboundology. She has been the conference host and main presenter in the course entitled Developing Successful Wellness Programmes for both public and private sector since 2005 for both Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago of which she is a native.

Mrs. Fletcher served as a consultant to the Ministry of Health (2005-2008) during which time she

developed the ‘Corporate Wellness Programme Design Manual’. In addition to training over 700 persons nationwide. She was the Chair of the lead group for developing this Level 4 course at NCTVET and a recipient of the Environmental Health Foundation Award for her contribution to the area of Wellness.

As a keen researcher and presenter on many health topic areas, Mrs. Fletcher has pioneered this area in addition to Rebounding Aerobics. She has done work for several organizations including Nestle, Bank of Jamaica and Nova Scotia, JAMALCO, Red Stripe, CARI-MED Ltd and Carib Cement and has had many television and radio interviews. She seeks to empower, inspire, motivate and challenge persons in their journey toward Health and Well-being.